Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Overseas Christmas - Shimada

Can't believe that posting everything about Christmas would take a month, and I'm not done yet. Among all the knitting and cooking for the Christmas Gift Bags, I also made a card specially for my teacher overseas.

Something that I regret very much and wanna bang my head against the wall is that, I forgot to take a photo of the completed card before sealing it up! The only photo I took was this.

This is the first time I tried to make a card out of the norm. Instead of folding it into halves, this card is being folded at one-third length on the right. So the message would read:

冬に咲く                       キセキの桜が…
幸せを込めて、          キセツのお祝いを               おくる

The miraculous cherry blossom that blossoms in winter...
Together with happiness, seasonal greetings           it brings

This teacher of mine, is a great fan of One Piece, and like me, her favorite character in this anime is Tony Tony Chopper~ Which is exactly why I made this card.

I decorated the back of the card with some watermark stamps using VersaMarker. Was totally excited to use it the moment I got it from ArtFriend. That was why I forgot to take photos of the completed card. I even made an envelope (from recycled paper) specially for this card because of its odd size! (and because I messed up the size buying the envelopes =X)

Well, I suppose I will be using more of the VersaMarker for its watermark effect, and probably for heat embossing. So stay tuned for that~

If you would like to make your own envelopes, follow me here~

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