Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Dots Themed - Sugita Sensei

A really simple single-sheet card for the only male Japanese Teacher at the moment, though I stopped going for classes quite some time ago.

Though simple, it was really tedious and I spent a significant amount of time getting those dots ready and on. I did not punch on nice color paper to get those dots. Instead, I used the paper dots from my office puncher, carefully selecting and colored each one with a marker or pen. Lastly, glue them on one by one to the card.

The dots are to create a subtle image of a hourglass (because I think simply dots was too simple and maybe even boring) to signify time passing or something along that line.

Simple message in thought bubble and a cute wondering My Melody at the end of it. A perfect fit and I'm totally glad I always keep those scraps.

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