Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Christmas Gift Exchange

A sequel to the topic on Recycling last week, this week I will show you how I wrap some gifts with the 'trash' lying around my cardboard 'shelf'. I was pretty pleasantly surprised and excited at how it turned out to be. (So much that I decided to add a new label for it!)

I used:
- an empty UHT milk carton
- old wrapping paper
- recycled ribbon
- magazine paper decoration
- some glue (or tape) and- scissors

The taller one, which looks like a milk carton, is actually made of a UHT milk carton. I always keep the empty cartons for future uses, because the material is sturdy enough to hold and flexible enough to turn into anything you can think of!

I spoiled one carton while trying to make it look exactly like a regular milk carton (because I think it would be really cute). But I soon realize a much simpler way to get (90% of) the milk carton shape I want.

First, I cut open the top of the milk carton, washed it all clean, and air dried it. Wrapped it with some old Christmas wrapping paper I have for at least 5 years. Did I mention that I didn't spend a cent on the wrapping here?

Next, I cut the four corners around one-third of its height. The height was just nice to fit my gift in. Fold in the narrower sides and glue them together to seal the gift in. Punch a hole right in the middle of each of the wider sides and tie a ribbon through the holes. Lastly, add a magazine paper decoration to make it look beautiful.

I used the remaining wrapping paper to wrap the smaller box. I got the box from one of my online shopping. Did I ever mention I have a huge collection of boxes too? You never know when it will become the perfect box! (It can be really difficult to store my collections in my tiny HDB flat though.)

Anyway, learn how to make this amazing paper decoration from wrapping paper or magazine scraps
Now we don't have to any paper away anymore! We can recycle even the tiniest piece of paper!

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