Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Crochet Beeeeeeees

Cute little bees flying your way today~

These were included in my Christmas gift bags last year (Time flies like bees too, and it's already 2017!!). Do check out our previous post for those Christmas Gift Bags too~!

Actually I found this crochet pattern a long time ago at the my usual site in search of cute amigurumi patterns. But since I never seem to have both yellow and black yarn in stock, I never put my hands into making them despite their cuteness. Until last year.

Well, I got fed up waiting and decided that it can't be that bad for a cute little bee to not have normal, realistic colors. Am I glad to have myself make the first.

I couldn't put my needle down once I got started. You could probably tell just by looking at the picture.

It is really easy to make as well. Probably take about 15minutes for one? Maybe 30minutes including all the weaving and sewing. Perfect for beginners!

Just look at how cute they are~

Since its pattern is really simple and symmetrical, I eventually flip the pattern and to give them a nicer face (instead of butt). Compare the photos with those below.

I believe you are itching to pick up that crochet needle and start crocheting away. So check out the pattern here!

 Or if you would prefer to purchase it, you can buy some here~!

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