Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas Gift Bags

This year's Get-Together was much earlier than the previous years, and it kinda got me really nervous. Thank goodness I had been really active in the card-makings and finished all the birthday cards for November and December ahead of time.

The assembled gift bags that include a crochet bee accessory, a dorayaki and a tiny card. Haha so this is a post that uses up all my labels.

The cute bunny gift bags was bought on and I simply can't resist. I know I have some gift bags stashed away somewhere in my stationery stocks, but it can't hurt buying something new 'once in a while', right?

Made some really simple mini cards with printed Hello Kitty pictures. Realizing at the same time that, simple things can take up a lot of time when you make a lot of them.

Will be posting the recipe and crochet pattern separately really, really soon. So stay around~!

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