Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Jack of All Trades

The first card on this blog for Elizabeth is the 1-year-mark for my card-making journey. It was just birthday letters when I first begun. Honestly, I'm rather surprised that I managed to do it till now, since I'm the kind of person with too many interests and too little 'energy' to pursue them.

Baking, Guitar, Knitting, Cooking, Card-Making, and the list goes on. I wouldn't say that I have the 'passion' for these, because 'Passion' seems too strong a word for me. I simply enjoy doing them. Now with the planning, designing, researching in the office and the record-keeping on Blogger, I hope it keeps me on long enough for me to get better at them.

But I am glad that the fact that there are always something new to learn never fails to amaze me, and that is probably the main reason that kept me going most of the time.

=For a wise man once told me, Continuation is Power.=

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