Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Balloon Themed - Lingx

Had some problems thinking of a theme for this one. With Tweety Bird popping into my head for countless times due to an ancient inside joke we share. So decided to make use of the beautiful buttons I bought recently and add in that cutie Tweety Bird.

Fell in love with buttons since the previous time I used them to highlight the music notes. So for this card, with the upgraded buttons, I also added knitting wool and cotton wool. It's really amazing how everything in life seems to intertwine with each other so perfectly.

This would be the first time I've made a card in portray. Thus I had a tough time, cracking my head for pop-up ideas. Searched the net and squeezed all my brain juice dry, but there was nothing.

The result - Simple banners and balloons with some wool for depth, and Tweety being the highlight. Well, I made an effort not to glue those balloons flatly, making them curl slightly instead. Hahaha I'm not totally convinced myself, but let's just say that it compensates for the pop-up. =D

Ending the card with a nice Mashimaro letter, which I had stashed away for a long, long time.

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