Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Bearth-day - MMO

I must admit that I was sooooo busy that I was on the verge of dropping this. But I am still feeling bad about having dropped this last year. Not to mention that there are 2 birthdays on this same day and one of them is back to her home country that I can't even make anything even if I wanted to now. T_T

So! In the midst of all the preparations of the crazily big project (which I will be posting next week), I have found a life-saver in my favorite value shop, Daiso!

The printed card is store-bought and made in Japan! Well, the made in Japan part is the biggest contribution to my purchase. Bought one of each design, and even a letter pad. All made in Japan. Simply love them!

A stamped, pop-up centerpiece was all that is added on to make this lovely card!

A simple message/letter at the back, with random stickers everywhere. Not much time was spent on making this card, but still full of love and cuteness. I did made some steamed cupcakes (Mushipan) and gave them together with the card. But unfortunately, no pictures taken. Shall feature that another time since I gonna run for my next project~ Ta-da!

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