Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Japan Holiday - Kawai Haruka

I'm quite amazed that I was able to finish making so many card in such a "short" period? XD This one was made for a teacher who went back to Japan earlier last year.

Still featuring the Beary Special Clear Stamps from My Favorite Things. Well, it's simply too cute to be using them just once, right? Embellished with the freebies I got with some crafting tool purchase. Oh, not to mention the strips of wrapping for the background.

Packed the inside with plenty presents! A combination of clear stamps from both Christmas and Beary Special. I don't think the overlapping would have worked out without the Stamp Platform. So I guess, with these recent additions, I can say that my card-making has been brought up a level.

I have also mailed a couple of postcards while I was in Japan. It's something I always do when I go overseas, and most of the time, like this time, I would forget to take a photo. So it's gonna be just memories in my head. See ya soon~

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