Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Christmas Get-Together 2017

It's the 14th February~! Valentine's Day~! Gonna make myself busy, making chocolate truffles, but the post for it would have to come later! Because I made yummy snacks and beautiful cards for Christmas as well, and I'm here to tell and show you all about them.

The Get-Together Party this year is much earlier than before, not that I know of the reason. But thanks to that, we were able to attend (and have a revival performance) despite the year-end holiday we've planned.

I baked some butter cookies and packed them with whatever I could find around the house, since I didn't have much preparation time. Most of them were similar to last year, with a couple others to make up for the number.

With the abundance of namecards to be recycled, I decided to make full use of them this time as well. And with the combination of my sponging, stamping and coloring skills, I would say that I fared quite well in this project. Gonna keep looking forward for the next~!

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