Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Beary Special - Lingx

Back again with a little gap *Whoooops* Just as I expected, I got super busy with the December babies and Christmas, followed by the Japan holiday in which I fell terribly sick during, and now the big preparation for Garlic's baby's first birthday. Still busy, busy, busy~

Have been trying to keep my cards simple recently, as I've seen beautiful cards that don't flood every inch with details. So this time, I've decided to focus on the front of the card like the previous time.

Found a piece of leftover wrapping paper that fits perfectly without trimming, so it settled my background. Bought a Compass Circle Cutter from Carousell for just $1, and it wanted to contribute. Thus the pink spotlight for our centerpiece. Though the cutter isn't in 100% working condition, it still did its job well.

The usual recycled namecard for the cute clear stamps. Oh! Did I mention that my husband got me the Stamp Platform (from Tim Holtz, Tonic Studios) for my birthday? Totally love it (though I'm still figuring my skills out)! But the next thing I'm going to want will be a bigger work-space to store my ever-increasing tools.

Alright, let's peek into the inside of the card~ Simple centerpiece with a little caption stamped. I guess, Simplicity is Everything, sometimes.

Paired with a type-written letter on some up-cycled paper. I suppose I could have done a better job, or at least sponged it with a Distress ink for some vintage feel (which I would love to add to my To-Buy list).

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