Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Silly Funny Theme - Salt Birthday

As the title suggests, this is probably one of the most "blahhhh" cards ever. For the most "blahhhhh" friend I'd always love. Remembering this friend of mine, I would be reminded of many silly and crazy things we've thought/talked/done together before. Thus, I wanted to make her card really funny and silly this year.

I don't think the words show well in the photo, or even on the actual card. Anyways, it says "happy" on the red cloud, "birthday" with a tiny heart on the yellow, and "At least you are not as old as you will be next year" on the rainbow. All written in a pen supposedly to be dried up.

But as I started writing her name for the letter on the back, I was so surprised that the ink came flowing! And thus, the letter was written in ink. Backed with some stamping designs to add some zest into the simple card.

Loves those stamps so much that I couldn't stop stamping. So it over spill to the envelope (There's one on the front as well! I totally think it turns out adorable. Did I mention that the envelope itself is handmade from recycled paper as well?

Lastly, I sealed the envelope with some homemade stickers~! Was rather last-minute work so didn't get the time for photos. But, it was totally cool for first-time/last-minute/up-cycled stuff.

Anyway, gonna start working hard on the next project now. Can't really afford to stop, and this really make the time flies too.

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