Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pokemon Themed - Garlic

After so many months of lazing off the card-making workstation, I am proud to present this Pokemon themed birthday card for the June baby.

Highlight of the card being the centerpiece - PokeBall!

It is almost impossible to tell that I used 99.99% recycled material here! It's made from recycled namecards (which I have two tall stacks waiting to be wasted) with the printed side covered with scrap envelopes (which I have two even taller stacks waiting to be wasted as well).

And the secret within the PokeBall will give you a big pleasant surprise~! Well, after all I have been working on the cross stitch during that two months. I must admit that, cross-stitch definitely is time-consuming, but the result is totally worth it! (Especially for people like me who can't draw beautifully.)

As usual, finished the card with a little short letter. But this time, I added a little something for the envelope. Turned out to be fairly good. Not sure if I would actually invest in a good dedicated heating tool for better effects. Well, for the time being, Ta-Da~

And the final touch - the Wax Seal! Bought the seal stamp and a couple of wax stick from Daiso. Though I'm still new at this, it worked out beautifully!

Gonna be flooding this blog with some updates soon. Since I've completed a couple of cards during those months. So hang on there~!

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