Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Gift Tag (From Upcycled Namecards) - Salt Wedding Card

For the girl who loves 'Se7en' that much, it is no surprise that she had to have her wedding on the 7th July this year. With all the squeezing of the brain juice, the result is this beautiful eco-friendly tiny little 'cards'.

Made with the stack of old namecards, which doesn't seem to decrease in size, but has proven rather useful once again. Cut into shape and carefully wrapped in some lovely gift wrapping stashed away.

Type-written quotes on a little piece of origami paper. You can still see the design of the gift wrapping lightly under it. Simple yet beautiful. Lastly, with a single hole punched at the corner, it transformed into a little accessory for the purse, bag or even mobile phone!

Well, not sure if the back actually adds to the "wow" factor, or simply just ruin it all. But still, it was a great idea executed. Stay tuned for more!

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