Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Mario Card - Anniversary

Took a super-duper long break from both blogging and card-making. One of my usual 'hiatus' that I constantly neeeeeeeeed.

So I shall be posting on this long-due card for our anniversary. A simple one-sheet card with Mario as the theme. This is the first time I actually added cross stitch to my card-making. But with the recent relapse of cross-stitch-addiction, and the previous yarn/buttons card, I could almost see this coming before.

The husband pointed out that Boo (the white ghost at the bottom) would never scare/face Mario like that, and thus the tag-line. Also, the pink frames were added to cover up some accident, or rather some unexpected effect of the fabric glue. So yup, there's always room for improvement. Gratefully, everything turned out rather good.

Will definitely be keeping cross stitch in the card-making, so yeah, stay tuned~!

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