Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Elephant (Original)

In preparation for Garlic's baby arrival gift, I decided to refresh my memory on this amigurumi pattern before attempting to shrink it.

I made a couple of these elephants for her wedding - one blue and one pink - in a lovely gift box with a letter, of course. Stumbled upon the perfect pattern right here, but I wasn't that confident about it, since it was the first and only time I've made it.

~Check out the pattern here~

 This pattern was exactly what I was looking for - knitting as one main piece, instead of making different parts and sewing them together. I've tried other elephant patterns and they turned out horrible because of my hopeless sewing skill.

Though this pattern can be rather complicated (at the Leg Chains part), it shouldn't be too much problem even for a beginner.

But once again, if you are not much of a knitter, keep checking back here. 'Cause I might just be selling it on Carousell some time soon!

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