Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Strip Flower Theme - Hasegawa

The urge to bang my head on the wall.

Have been really busy at work with the new workload in a new area. Rather challenging and stressed at the same time. But I guess the ranting can continue somewhere else and it shouldn't be an excuse either.

I forgot to take photos of this card at all.

I won't say that it's wonderfully done (though it is) but it's a fresh new try and probably a breakthrough in my recycling. I shall attempt to make you see how the card looks like by bombarding you with thousands of words. XD

I've cut magazine pages into thin strips of around 5mm with my beloved paper cutter and dyed the strips red. After which, I rolled and shaped them like flower petals. Pasting them on the card makes beautiful pop ups, backed with a stamping of the 'stem', and shattered flower punch-outs decoration.

It sounds so easy just typing it out here, but I've spent so much time on this idea that I only completed the card right before mailing date. The strips were too thick at first, the rolling was crazy and the dyeing was a mess.

The back of the card were stamped at the corners and layered with a wrapping paper, then a short message on a orange paper. Attached with a nice artistic letter which is going to be stuck in the heart for a while, according to the receiver.

Overall, it was a good attempt with pleasure result, despite all the episodes in between. Shall think of something for the remaining strips lying around. Also, Happy National Day for Singapore too~!

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