Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Love is Blossoming - Birthday Card for the Husband

Another continuation of quilling, combined with crochet, and at the same time trying out new technique - ink sponging! Well, I must admit I didn't do too great here, but I've definitely improved since then! Would definitely love to upgrade my inkpad quality and collection during the year-end Japan trip~ Woohooo!

A little recycled idea of hourglass for the counting down with a little parchment paper added on. The rest are simple writing and pasting. Somehow I think my handwriting kinda ruin all the cards I've made. Gonna practise more on that!

No letter this time since I wanted to spend more time on the "gift" and proceed to finish all the other cards before the trip. So I'm kinda racing with time here. Hope the ideas keep flooding in!

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