Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Butterfly Theme - Pepper

Decided to make a rather simple card, instead of trying to fill every space like I always do. The idea was to make the card a little religious, since she is a devoted Christian (or so I think), and naturally nature would be the go-to. Glad to have found those clear stamps while shopping~

Have been researching online about clear stamps and wanted to put my hands on them as soon as I could. Though I managed to find those butterfly stamps, the shops didn't have any kind of stamping tool available. And since I didn't wanna waste my money on the acrylic blocks too, I used the stamps with a laminating sheet. XD And I do not recommend that.

Anyway, the ink sponging here is much smoother, right~ Not to mention that the left banner and two heart cut-outs are from recycled material! Used the sponge tape and flower embellishment bought from Carousell. Simply amazed by how beautiful everything comes together.

Simple on the inside, with just a "Happy Birthday" typewritten and a Polaroid of the Christmas card she sent me last year. Together with a short letter because I wanna clear my paper stash as much as I can in order to welcome new members~!

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