Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Mini Book - Onion

Are you as excited as I am? Kyaa~ Finally got my hands onto something I've always wanted to try - Book Binding! Gave a little sneak preview some time back and here's the final product! (Sorry the brewing took so long!)

A lot of time was spent in preparing and planning this project expectedly, which was why I started this early (also partly because of the year end holiday trip). Each page was cut from an A4 recycled paper, printed on only one side. After which, copy-typing took place with about 20mm margin on the left, and this is probably the one that took the longest time.

I ended up with 23 pages, with one more added as the cover page.I punched 3 holes, spread out evenly with 37mm gaps, in 4 stacks of 6s with a single hole puncher. Must admit that it's almost impossible to get a perfect job done, but shall work harder (or get better tools) to achieve better results the next time!

After some planning and calculation, I wrapped the stack with wrapping paper in 2 pieces. So I could make use of the design beautifully. Decided not to have hard cover or cover up the printed side, since I don't want it to be too thick to handle or worse, to ruin it. (I probably should try it before I start typing the next time ^^)

Poked through the wrapping paper while stitching/binding and completed rather swiftly from this point. Ended the project with a little touching up and a printout of the actual book cover.

Alright, gonna continue on the card and finish as early as I can, in preparation of my long holiday this year-end~

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