Wednesday, 16 November 2016

THE Musical Band Birthday Card for the Husband

Celebrated the husband's birthday with a little getaway to Hong Kong just the last weekend. But I managed to slip this card into the post before we left. I must say that it was not easy since he sends me to and from work everyday. Still, it was rather fun sneaking and sending a letter to your own address locally.

Haha~ Came across this funnie birthday message somewhere on the net and thought that I should use it for his card. Made his card with a musical theme since we started out with the band and he totally looooove my singing. Also the first time I'm using buttons for my card-making. Really cool how they fit so nicely.

Orange drum set for him, and a pink guitar for me. Tried some calligraphy flourishing which I obviously am not very good at (but I suppose it'll do). Personal birthday message/letter not shown.

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